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#814 230 Pangyoyeok-ro Bundang-gu,

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A-33 Studio is an independent game development studio founded in 2014 by the key developers of Counter Strike Online.


The developers’ online first-person shooter (FPS) game attracted over a hundred million players around the globe. A-33 Studio is developing its first mobile game, Combat Squad : Project Wednesday (CS:PW) to set a new standard for the FPS genre in mobile platforms.

The core concept in the development of CS:PW was to create a new FPS game mechanics specifically designed for the mobile environment. Shooting mechanics was simplified and optimized for the mobile touch interface to enhance accessibility while the free movement controls still allowed for the full FPS gaming experience.

In order to further develop the traditional FPS genre, CS:PW has created a unique One versus One Tactical FPS Combat system. By utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), the game enables a single player to control an entire squad of five characters through tactical commands.

The One versus One Tactical FPS Combat enables players to create their own squads and compete with other players around the world. The challenge lies in how players customize their squad, as well as in their command of tactical combat.

The players can also put their combat skills to the test and take the fight into their own hands by utilizing the DIVE system where they can freely switch between and take full control of any one of their squad units at any given moment.

The game incorporates various popular traditional FPS game modes such as the team deathmatch, demolition, annihilation, and zombie matches to satisfy the needs of the FPS players from all many different platforms.


A-33 Studio was founded in 2014


2014   A-33Studio founded

2014   Investment from K-Cube Ventures

2015   Investment from NHN Investment


■ Epic Game Modes

   Classic 5 vs 5 team battle, battle of tactics and strategy in 1 vs 1 squad combat,

   10 player survival zombie match and other various game modes to choose from.


■ Form Your Own Squad

   Customize your squad to suit your playstyle by recruiting mercenaries: Assault squad,

   close range combat squad, or sniper squad, seek other possibilities for yourself.


■ Unique Mercenaries

   The mercenaries have their own characteristics and the combat style of the mercenaries

   in your squad will also depend on how you equip them.


■ Take control with the DIVE System

   Freely choose and take full control of the right squad unit at the right time with
   the DIVE System by ‘diving into’ or ‘undiving out of’ your mercenaries.


■ Tactical Command

   Set the right routes and maneuvers for your mission objective and wage a tactical battle as

   the squad commander.


■ Advanced AI

   Advanced tactical AI not only takes the best course of action to execute your commands

   but it can also determine the combat situation and proposes changes of the tactics.


■ Customize with Perks

   Customize your mercenaries by equipping them with perks skills.

   With over 40 perks to choose from, the possibilities are endless.


■ Developed with Unreal Engine 4

   Developed with one of the most powerful creation engine in existence, Unreal Engine 4,

   console quality contents and graphics are achieved on mobile devices.


Combat Squad : Project Wednesday Promotion Trailer

Combat Squad : Project Wednesday Gameplay


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